One of a kind, made with love by a fisherwoman potter  
Large Anemone Bowl.001
that is 8" in diameter.  Each & every tentacle
was handmade & attached to the bowl.  The
outside of the bowl is an off-white, unglazed
finish.  It can be displayed bowl side up or
anemone side up!  It is a beautiful sage green
with an almost fairy dust look sprinkled over it!  
A wonderful centerpiece for a coffee table, or a
bowl to hold soaps in the bathroom.
It would look lovely in any beach side home or
Florida Keys house!
Anemone Bowl.002
High-fired porcelain piece, with melted glass
bits inspired by the beautiful corals &
creatures of the sea!
It measures 5.5" in diameter & makes a
beautiful piece for a tropical home!
It would look lovely as a table piece, on a
bathroom counter top, or a cocktail table.
It is glazed inside only.
Use bowl side up for a soap dish!
Barnacle Bowl.004
Use for soapdish/trinkets/earrings
Outside "coral" is left unglazed
5.5" in diameter. 1" tall.
Barnacle Pod.001
Focal table piece, wall hanging or
aquarium piece in sage green.
5.75" in diameter by 2.5" high.
Use for soapdish/trinkets/earrings
Inside is glazed glossy white
with green barnacles.
Outside "coral" is left unglazed
5" in diameter.
Barnacle Bowl Green.004
Use for soapdish/trinkets/earrings
Glazed inside & out with
satin white glaze &
glossy green barnacles.
4.75" in diameter.
Little Cobalt Starfish Bowl
This little deep cobalt dish measures
3.75" in diameter & is filled with
melted recycled glass.
Porcelain Sea Turtle Bowl
Sea Turtle sitting in a
tide pool of melted glass.
Exterior is unglazed off-white
porcelain altered to resemble coral.
6" wide by 1.25" high
$35 free shipping USA
Barnacle Bowl.005
Little Barnacles on the edge of a tide pool
Use for soapdish/trinkets/earrings
Outside "coral" is left unglazed
5" in diameter. 1" tall.
Barnacle Bowl.006
A tiny grouping of sea life
on the edge of a tide pool.
Perfect little ring dish.
Outside "coral" is left unglazed
3" in diameter
Barnacle Bowl.007
Sealife in a cobalt blue water
Use for soapdish/trinkets/earrings
Outside "coral" is unglazed porcelain
5" in diameter. 1" tall.