made with love by a fisherwoman potter.
Big eye 001-
13" by 7"
Barracuda 001 - This is a large
barracuda. It is 26.5 inches long, and
9 inches tall. SOLD
Flounder 001- This flounder is 19
inches long and 10 inches tall.   $35.00
Mahi-mahi are among the
fastest-growing fish
and only live
4 to 5 years.
Mature males have
prominent foreheads
while the females have a
rounded head.
The most beautiful fish
for ceramic fish art wall-hangings!
Wahoo 002 - This wahoo is
27 inches long by 8 inches
tall. Wired & ready to hang!  
in the stripes.  $75.00
Wahoo can swim at speeds
up to 50 miles per hour!
In Hawaii, the Wahoo is
known as Ono.
This fish gets its name from a set of
dorsal spines on top of the fish. The
front spine locks into place and will not
release until
the spine behind it, the "trigger", is
depressed. It is a defense mechanism
with which they can lock themselves
into crevices.
There are 40 species, 6 of which are
found in Florida's waters
Stingrays aren't aggressive towards
people and injuries usually result from
stepping on one.
The stingray's tail can contain one or
more barbed stingers which can
deliver a powerful toxin.
Hot water helps break down the toxin &
reduces the pain from the injury.  
Stingray 003-
21.5" by 18". It looks great on a coffee
table.  (This piece does not have wiring
on the back for hanging.)    SOLD
Great Barracuda
The great barracuda can grow to
more than 6 ft. long.
Eating barracudas caught in the tropics
can cause ciguatera poisoning.
There are approximately 20,000 to
50,000 cases in the world each year.
These look great in front of a Mahi
or just by themselves.
Each one is unique.  Approx. 7" by 4.5"
Mahi Pair
20" long by 8" high Bull
19" by 7" Cow
$175 set
The Hogfish is a member of the
wrasse family. It has an elongated
snout which it uses to find buried
food in the sand. It is from this
feature & pig-like behavior that
the hogfish gets its name!
Hogfish 001
15" by 8.5"     SOLD
Flying fish
bodies, flying fish can generate
enough speed to break the surface of
the water. Their wing-like pectoral fins
can keep them airborne for up to 200
Set of 3 Triggerfish in a
beautiful combination of teal
& copper.
Raku-fired & ready to hang!
19" by 11"
Pair of happy sharks ready to hang!
9.5"by 8" and 7 by 5.5"
$90 pair
The anglerfish has a piece of dorsal
shiny piece of flesh hanging from it to
lure prey to her.  It is only the female
that has this feature!  They can grow
to over 3' in length.
15" by 7"
(size of fish, not including wire piece)
14" by 10"