Made with love by a fisherwoman potter.
Soapdishes, spoonrests, jewelry bowls or change holders!
You pick the piece & how you want to use it!
Flying Fish
10" by 5"
Trunkfish or Boxfish
These little guys
are known for their
honeycomb pattern.  
They can defend themselves
from predators by secreting
a toxin from their skin
if they fell threatened.
Trunkfish or Boxfish
Triggerfish get their name
from a dorsal spine that is
erect and locked into When
this second spine, the
"trigger" is depressed, the
When this fish is threatened
it can dart into a hole or reef
& erect this spine, effectively
wedging it into a safe spot.  
There are 40 species.
Grouper Towel Holder
15" by 9"
Redfish Towel Holder
13.5" by 7"
Tail-flip fish!
Use them to hang a hand towel,
your hat,
or whatever you like!
Snapper spoon/soap dish 001
It is 10" long, and 5" wide.
Dolphinfishes or
Dorado are best
known for their
iridescent colors and
ability to change color
among the fastest
growing fish &
live to be only
3 to 5 years old.
The Goldfish is a
small member of the
carp family. In
ancient China, some
species of carp
mutated to produce
orange variations &
these were bred to
become pondfish.
The flying fish can shoot out of the
water at speeds of up to 35 miles per
hour. Once in the air, their rigid
wing-like fins allow them to glide for up
to 200 meters.
Flying fish dish 001
$28  5" in diameter
Triggerfish Spoonrest/Soapdish/Little Dish
Perfect for your rings, soap,
or drips in the kitchen!
8 by 5.5"
This shark is made from high fired
stoneware and can be used for a
number of things!
Soap dish, spoon rest, key holder, ring
or watch dish or spare change!
8" by 6"
Sergeant Major
This little Sergeant Major Fish is a
hand-made high-fired Ceramic dish.
It can be used as a Soap dish,
Spoonrest, trinket dish or just as a little
bit of tropical decor for your home.
In case you have a 2 sink bathroom,
there are 2 available!
7" by 4".
$25 each
Curves gently upward
10" by 4"