Made with love by a fisherwoman potter.
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Hand-made high-fired Ceramic dish.
It can be used as a Soap dish, Spoonrest,
trinket dish or just as a little bit
of tropical decor for your home.
It measures 7 by 4".
There are 2 available!
Sergeant Major
Use this high fired
stoneware dish as a soap
dish, spoon rest or just by
itself for a bit of whimsy
tropical decor!
It measures 8 by 6".
Porcelain Mermaid Tail.1
Little Dish for rings,
soap, trinkets or spoonrest
This little porcelain dish
has a mermaid diving into a pool
of speckled water,
perfect for a beachy home.
The back side is left unglazed &
altered to resemble white coral.
It measures 6.5" in diameter,
not including the tail area.
Porcelain Seashell
Little Dish for
This little porcelain dish
has waves of pale aqua water
surrounded by cobalt seas.
Perfect for a beach home.
The back side is left unglazed &
altered to resemble white coral.
It measures 5.75" by 6".
Spoonrest/Soap dish
Cobalt blue & pale aqua are a great
combination for a beachy look!
Approximately 5.5"
In the wild, these little fish might be
but if they are threatened they can
to avoid predators.
Their skin has sharp spines
& it is also poisonous to eat.
My little Aussie wanted to take
a bite of this one but found it
to be much too prickly!
Mine are made of high-fired clay &
are available in different colors & sizes.
Perfect for a little plant or succulent.
Green-eyed Pufferfish
Ceramic Planter
6" by 6"
3.75" tall
Blue Pufferfish Planter
8" by 8"
4.75" tall
Small Blue
Pufferfish Planter
5.5" by 5.25"
3" tall
Small Caramel
Pufferfish Planter
5.25" by 5.25"
2.75" tall
Tabletop Pufferfish
Choice of Pink or White
$48 each
Indoor or Outdoor use

Free shipping if you
purchase both!!
White Tabletop
6" by 6" by 3.25" high
Pink Tabletop
5" by 5" by 3.25" high