Made with love by a fisherwoman potter.
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Permit bowl 001
This bowl is approx. 13" wide by 10.5" .
It is 1.75" in depth.
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Mahi-Mahi or Dolphinfishes
Although its common name is dolphin-fish,
the mahi-mahi is a fish not a mammal.
An alternative name for mahi-mahi is dorado
or, more commonly, dolphin!
as a "Hog Snapper"
although it is not a member
of the Snapper family at all!
It is, in fact, the largest member
of the Wrasse family,
growing up to three feet.
Curves gently upward
10" by 4"         $25
This little dish can be used for a
spoon rest, soap dish, or trinkets!
8.5 by 4.25"    $25.00
hand-made high-fired Ceramic dish.
It can be used as a Soap dish, Spoonrest,
trinket dish or just as a little bit
of tropical decor for your home.
It measures 7 by 4".
There are 2 available!
Sergeant Major
Use this high fired
stoneware dish as a soap
dish, spoon rest or just by
itself for a bit of whimsy
tropical decor!
It measures 8 by 6".